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Canada, USA, UK: which country is better for a happy life?


One thing that unifies all of the countries is the availability of helpful websites that will guide you through the entire visa process and determine if you satisfy the requirements. On its website, the US State Department features a useful Visa Wizard.

The Canadian government, on the other hand, maintains a dedicated immigration and citizenship webpage that explains the many options for obtaining a resident visa.

All countries prefer competent workers, but companies may need to demonstrate that this function cannot be filled locally first. Canada is working an Express entry system that will prioritize advantages such as work experience, English and French fluency, and education. It’s also worth noting that Quebec, which is French-speaking, has a different point system with different standards.

Employer sponsorship is used in the United States for specific professions. The L-1 visa is for employees who have worked for a company for more than a year outside of the United States, but the H1-B visa is for companies that require theoretical or technical knowledge, although it is limited. As a result, each year has a stringent limit, which is frequently achieved by April.

There is no separate visa for retirement in any of the countries. You’ll need a family member to sponsor you if you wish to move to Canada. A B-2 visa, on the other hand, is the most convenient option to spend significant time in the United States. It allows you to spend six months of the year in the country.

The United Kingdom is now adopting its new points-based immigration system, which was inaugurated on January 1, 2021, and is similar to the Canadian immigration system.

Those who lived in the United Kingdom before December 31, 2020, will have until June 30, 2021 to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme. Citizens of the European Union will be able to enter the United Kingdom with their passports and national identity cards until June 30, 2021.

This new immigration rule in the United Kingdom is the result of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s plan to only give work permits to foreigners (including EU citizens and non-EU nationals) who hold at least one passport:

  • Education beyond high school
  • Excellent command of the English language
  • An employment offer
  • A yearly stipend.

With his slogan “Get Brexit Done,” Prime Minister Johnson made his opinion on Brexit crystal apparent during the 2019 U.K. General Election campaign. He also has no qualms about expressing his contempt for non-EU nationals.

He stated that they “could regard the United Kingdom as if it were a part of their own country,” and that he intended to restrict the amount of “unskilled migrants” entering the United Kingdom.

It made British immigrants feel uneasy, and it’s one of the reasons why many immigrants in the United Kingdom are considering moving to Canada.

What is the way of life like there?

There are numerous parallels between the two countries. There are, nevertheless, some important variances. Canada is frequently regarded as a more open culture with a lower rate of gun crime and a more tolerant attitude toward immigration. It also has two official languages, English and French, as well as a political system similar to that of the United Kingdom. After all, the queen is still the monarch of the United Kingdom.

When it comes to working hours and public holidays, Canada is more generous and closer to Europe, whereas the United States has fewer. According to statistics, Canadian air is cleaner, Canadians live two years longer on average than their rivals, and more Canadians have passports, allowing them to tour the world.

Life in the Great White North, however, is not always sunny. It has lengthy, bitter winters in practically every direction, a less developed e-commerce culture than the United States and the United Kingdom, and a higher unemployment rate.

Multiculturalism is something that both countries have in common. Thousands of immigrants arrive in Canada and the United States each year. To give you some numbers, Canada invited 184,370 persons for permanent residency in 2020, despite all of the events of the previous year. And that was just about half of what had been planned.

These countries, in addition to sharing a lot in common, provide stunning natural beauty and incredible travel options, as well as a variety of adventure sports and team sports that are quite different from those offered in the United Kingdom and the United States. They both have a significant automotive culture, which is partly due to the fact that they are both large countries that generally welcome countries.

The cost of living in the city

When you reside in a major city in either Canada or the United States, as is the case anyplace in the world, the cost of living can be high. However, when it comes to food, rent, and restaurant rates, the United States has a higher cost of living than its northern neighbor.

However, apparel in the United States is less expensive, and total salaries are greater, while taxes in Canada are higher. As a result, the United States can save money.

The cost of living in Canada and the United Kingdom is more similar than you might imagine. Housing will be your largest outlay and can be extremely costly, so choose your location carefully.

If you live in a modern apartment building with heating, this is something else to consider when it comes to bills.

Your monthly expenses will be slightly greater than in the United Kingdom due to increased food and housing costs, but eating out is a little cheaper, and some may argue that the little higher cost of living is well worth the amazing lifestyle you may enjoy in Canada.

What does healthcare look like in comparison?

One of the most significant distinctions that ex-pats should consider when relocating to any of these countries is healthcare.

The rising expense of private healthcare in the United States makes it vital to have solid health insurance, which will most likely be provided via your employment but should be double-checked in case you require additional coverage.

In contrast, Canada’s Universal Health Care System (Medicare) is fully supported by the government, ensuring that everyone has access to inexpensive health coverage. This is likewise true in the United Kingdom.

However, you can only apply if you are a permanent resident, and getting your health insurance card could take up to three months. Because the system does not cover everything, some expats choose to supplement their coverage with private health insurance.

If you are a permanent resident of Canada, there is good news when you compare. You qualify for Medicare, which is a form of national health care provided to Canadian citizens through universal public health insurance.

It ensures that the majority of health issues are covered, and that others, such as optometry, are affordable. It works in a similar way as the NHS, with all of the same benefits (for free) and drawbacks (long waiting times).

The US Medicare offers Part D plans that cover prescription drugs if you’re looking for the finest Medicare prescription plan. Unfortunately, you will not have the same access if you are a temporary resident. As a result, you’ll need to purchase private insurance. Because health insurance premiums can be expensive, it’s worth negotiating a deal that includes health insurance if you’re being transferred to a new job.


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