How hard is it to move to Ireland as an American?


Immigration to Ireland always attracts a large number of people wishing to immigrate and reside in European countries, especially that the country has an advanced economy and multiple job opportunities and gives the right to foreigners to reside and work on its territory, and also sets non-impossible conditions when granting a state entry visa and residence permit. The state of Ireland or the Republic of Ireland is one of the countries located in the northwest of the continent of Europe, and it is a sovereign state whose capital is Dublin. The country also comes in the forefront of the 50 richest countries in the world, especially as it has a very advanced economic level that made it advanced in many economic fields and helped It also provides many job opportunities.

The official language in the country is Irish, which is the most widely used language among the population, and the second language is English. The population density is low in the country and the vast majority of the population is concentrated in Dublin. The country became a member of the European Union in 1973, and therefore the official currency of the Republic of Ireland is the euro.

Conditions for American Asylum in Ireland

The Republic of Ireland allows American refugees to enter and reside there while they are subjected to any abuse or persecution in their country, whether because of political, religious ideas, wars or other things. seek refuge.

Asylum in Ireland puts the owner in a very difficult life situation until a decision is made on the application and his urine, and upon acceptance, he is able to reside, work, study and take his family members to live with him at any time, and he may also receive monthly financial support from the state and he has the right to obtain Irish citizenship after spending 6 years in the country. Among the most important conditions for accepting an application for asylum in Ireland are the following:

That he has already been subjected to abuse, torture or threats in his country of origin.

  • Not to have committed any crimes or violations of the rights of others.
  • Provide evidence that he was subjected to persecution in his homeland
  • Not have applied for asylum in another country before going to Ireland.
  • Submit the most important documents that establish personal identity.
  • Submit your asylum application upon arrival at the Irish border or at the airport.

Immigration ways to Ireland

Immigration to Ireland through work

If you wish to immigrate to Ireland in order to work, you must submit proof of obtaining an employment contract in any of the Irish institutions. The employer may apply to obtain a volunteer visa for the employee to be recruited to the country. And the salary in the work that the immigrant will join must not be less than 60 thousand euros per year. The duration of the work visa is two years, and it can be extended to three years, then five years, and then obtaining long-term residence in the country and nationality.

Immigration to Ireland through study

Obtaining an acceptance document in any of the universities in Ireland that allows the individual to enter and reside in Irish lands, and here a document must be submitted showing the study invitation obtained by the student from any of the universities in Ireland, whether private or public. And submit the documents related to the last academic degree obtained by the student, whether the secondary certificate or the bachelor’s or master’s certificate. As well as confirming the student’s ability to cover the study expenses and submitting evidence of the guardian’s approval. The student visa allows him to reside within the country throughout the years of study, and he can stay for a limited period after the end of the study program to search for work, and if he does not join the work, he must leave the country.

Immigration to Ireland through investment

There are several aspects of investment that can be made in the country and immigration to it, such as

basic investment

Basic investment is one of the most popular investment methods in Ireland. It requires investing a capital value of at least 50 thousand euros, and if the investor has 5 partners, for example, then the capital for the investment must be 400 thousand euros, and so on.

economic investment

It is one of the most important ways to invest in the country as well, and the volume of investment in it must also not be less than 50 thousand euros, and if there is a bank turnover for the immigrant, here he can obtain a long-term permanent residence in the country after three years of investment.

Investing in real estate

Investing in real estate is one of the most successful areas of investment in Ireland and is also very profitable, as it requires the purchase of bonds with a value of at least 2 million euros.

Bond investing

Here the user can buy some bonds within the country for 10 million euros for a period of five years.

different investment

Here the investment has more than one face, where the investor buys bonds worth half a million euros, and also makes a financial investment with a financial value of no less than 450 thousand euros.

Immigration to Ireland through marriage

An American person who marries an Irish husband/wife, has the right to enter and reside in the country, and this marriage must be legal in accordance with the laws of marriage within the country, and that a period of time not less than 3 years out of the five years required to obtain Irish citizenship.

Conditions for obtaining Irish citizenship

After immigrating to Ireland, many Americans are thinking about settling there and about how to obtain Irish citizenship, and these conditions must be met by everyone who wants to obtain Irish citizenship.

Residency for a period of no less than 6 years, but for investors, they are entitled to obtain citizenship after 4 years.

Pay the Irish citizenship fee.

Not to commit crimes and mistakes while living in Ireland.

Speak Irish at an intermediate level.


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