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Millions of young people around the world look forward annually to the announcement by the United States of America about the start of applying for the immigrant lottery program to America in the year 2021 to America, and the American government opens the door to immigration to it annually. Through the Immigration to America Program by lottery, the US Department of State undertakes every year upon its mandate by the US Congress. A random drawing is conducted by computer. In general, for a foreign national to be eligible to apply for an immigrant visa, he or she must be sponsored by a US relative, legal permanent US resident, or potential employer and have a notarized application submitted to the Citizenship and Immigration Department.


Ways To Immigrate To The United States Of America

Lotus Random Migration

Lotus random migration is one of the most known and easiest ways to immigrate to the United States of America. Through this program, the American government grants from fifty to five and five thousand immigrant visas annually, and people are randomly selected from among a large number of applicants. The goal of this American program is to preserve the cultural and demographic diversity within the American society, and therefore most of the lotus winners are among the countries with low numbers of immigration to America.


Family Gathering Or Reunion

In this type of immigration, people who hold American citizenship or permanent residence can apply for family reunification, provided that the relationship or relationship is first-degree. A green card holder can apply for family unification for his wife or husband, children under 21 years of age, and unmarried children over 21 years old only.

The duration of the family unification treatment varies according to the status of the petitioner who submits the application or the transaction. Does he hold American citizenship or does he have a green card? Also, depending on the person to whom the transaction is submitted, the reunification of the partner and children is much faster than the reunification of brothers, and the reunification of children under the age of 21 is faster than children over 21 years of age or married children.


Migration By Work

Through this method, a person can search for a job opportunity in the United States of America either through the Internet or by being nominated for a specific company by one of his acquaintances who should be working within the American territory. After that, the person submits his CV to the company and conducts a job interview through one of the communication programs. The form of long-term visas and one of the most well known of these types are HNB visas. Through this visa, the owner of the company or the company itself sponsors the person and acts as a guarantor for him.


Migration Through Marriage

Marrying an American partner is one of the easiest ways to immigrate to America, as well as get American citizenship faster. There are illegal ways that enable some people to immigrate to America through marriage of convenience or white marriage, and it is through parties that facilitate this method of marriage in exchange for the person wishing to immigrate to pay a sum of money to the supposed partner, through intermediaries, but this method is illegal


Migration By Study

Traveling to the United States of America in order to study is one of the most popular ways to travel. After completing his studies in America, a person can settle there and get a job opportunity easily. One of the most popular student visas is the F visa, which allows foreigners to pursue academic study or language training in the United States of America. The M visa is for professional studies.

First of all, anyone who seeks to study in America must obtain university admission from an institute or university in America, and this is done after the student authenticates his academic certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in his country and then communicates with a university services office or communicates directly with universities to obtain acceptance and Reserve a seat for him/her at a university or institution in United States.


Immigration By Investment

Businessmen and investors can reside in the United States of America by setting up investment projects. There are two very popular types of investment visa and they are



It is an investment visa, through which a person must invest an amount ranging from 100,000 to 200,000 dollars in a project, provided that the project adds something new to the American market. This visa is to bring the husband or wife and his children who are under the age of twenty-one and unmarried to reside with him in America



It is also an investment visa, where the investor must invest an amount ranging from 500 thousand dollars to one million US dollars, and this visa gives the owner the right of permanent residence, through which he can obtain citizenship after five years of his residence and he can bring the husband or wife and his children under or above 21 years old and unmarried to live with him in America


Humanitarian Or Political Asylum

Through which I can apply for asylum in the United States of America in my own way. The first way is that the person is inside the territory of the United States of America or one of the airports or ports of entry into America and submits a request for asylum, but he must prove that he suffers from certain persecution in his home country because of his race, religion, nationality, participation in certain social groups, or because of his political views . In this case, the asylum-seeker shall appear before one of the asylum courts in America, and his case will be decided upon. If the person obtains asylum in the United States of America, then he will have the right to settle there

The second way is to apply for asylum from outside the territory of the United States of America, through international and humanitarian organizations, the most famous of which is the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. The applicant must be one of the people who meet the definition of a refugee according to the international definition of refugees from the United Nations, and he must be outside his country of origin


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