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Seven Ways To Get Your Green Card In The United States


A green card is a document issued by the US Department of National Security, which allows people born outside the United States to reside and work on American soil, and it proves that its holder is permanently living in the country, and it is sometimes a stage that paves the way for obtaining citizenship. The green card derives its name from the color used by Form I-151, and since 1964 many colors have been added to the card, but it has remained the same.In 2006, the white color was used on the front with the name and photo of the bearer, with a dark green stripe on the left side to prevent forgery.

The holder of a green card enjoys all the civil rights of an American citizen, except to vote in elections. He has the right to permanently reside on American soil, work legally, and can receive financial grants and loans for education and the purchase of real estate, in addition to obtaining social and health security upon retirement. The card holder abides by US laws, pays taxes, but is not considered a US citizen, and does not have US citizenship, but he can apply for citizenship after five years, and thus obtain a US passport. Children of immigrants with a Green Card are eligible to attend American schools. The law considers that US citizens have more rights than permanent residents. Unlike an American citizen, a permanent resident may be expelled from the United States of America.

Types Of Green Card

F1 Green Card

Granted to children of US citizens, provided that the applicant is unmarried and at least 21 years old.

Green Card Type F2

Awarded to the spouses, children, or spouses of permanent residents in the United States.

Green Card F3

Granted to children of US citizens, provided the applicant is married.

F4 Green Card

It is awarded to the brothers or sisters of American citizens.

Categories That Are Eligible To Apply For A Green Card

Family members of American citizens and lawful permanent residents

You may be eligible to apply for a Green Card if you are the spouse, son, daughter, parent, fiancé, or adult brother of a US citizen, and you are the spouse or unmarried son of a permanent resident. Treatment schedules vary depending on the type of family member and country of origin.


Refugees or asylum seekers who have been in the United States for at least one year are eligible as refugees, or have been granted asylum at least one year prior.

Migrant Workers

Employment-based green cards for immigrant workers may be given first, second, and third preference.

Victims Of Human Trafficking, Crime And Abuse

You may be eligible to apply and get a Green Card if you are a victim of human trafficking, a victim of a particular serious crime, or a victim of abuse under the Violence Against Women Act.

Special Immigrants

Certain categories of special immigrants, including individuals from Afghanistan and Iraq who hold special immigrant visas, religious workers and others may be eligible for a green card.

Other Categories

You may qualify through the Diversity Visa Program, the Cuban Adaptation Act, or the Enrollment Program if you have lived continuously in the United States since before 1972, among other eligible categories.

Ways To Get A Green Card

Obtaining A US Green Card With A Diversity Visa Or A Lottery Visa

One way to get a US Green Card is by lottery. The conditions for obtaining a US green card through the lottery are to provide a diploma certificate and at least two years of work experience. In 90% of the cases, applicants who win the US lottery get the US Green Card. Those who go through the lottery visa for the United States have an equal chance of winning, and it does not matter religion, nationality, academic level and wealth at all. The application deadline for the US Diversity Visa program is from early October to November.

Green Card For Marriage

The Marriage Green Card allows the spouse of a US citizen or green card holder to live and work anywhere in the United States. The green card holder will get permanent resident status until they decide if they want to apply for US citizenship, which they become eligible for after three years of living in America.

Employment-Based Green Card

Employment-based green cards are given to people from other countries by employers in the United States. Employers sponsor foreign employees for a green card, when they cannot find a qualified, available, and willing US citizen to work there. Each year, the US government allows 140,000 work visas to be granted in different categories, based on their percentages. Processing time varies depending on the request on a particular visa.

Obtaining A Green Card Through Investment

The US Congress created this program to attract foreign capital to contribute to the country’s economy by creating job opportunities for qualified American workers, in addition to providing the opportunity for foreign investors to obtain a green card in return for their investments in the United States.

Green Card By Study

When obtaining an American green card and then permanent residence in the United States of America, students get great opportunities that enable them to obtain discounts on studying in universities, and include reductions in tuition fees in many American universities, compared to other international students who study in America through Student visa.

Getting A Green Card Through A Family Member

This is one of the most common ways to get a green card, and it is also one of the simplest. If you are directly related to a US citizen, US immigration law allows your relative to petition for you to live in the United States. Many people get a green card as direct relatives of a US citizen.

Political Asylum

A green card is available in the case of political asylum and refugees, provided that they meet some requirements, such as granting them refugee status, and maintaining this status, and it can take a long time, as the United States grants protection from persecution in other countries, and refugees usually wait one year to apply In order to obtain a green card after granting him protection.


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